Facilitation & Coaching

Helping leaders and teams bring their best wild ideas to life.

"The return on investing in Emily has got to be a hundredfold. She’s gold."

— Genevieve Walsh

Founder & CEO, Iqra Fund

How Inquiry Leads to Transformation

When I ask the right questions—or better yet, help you explore which questions are right for you—we unearth the wisdom and solutions already within you. 

About Emily Stifler Wolfe

A former journalist and mountain rescuer based in Bozeman, Montana, I combine rigorous process and research with intuition, agility, and an ever-evolving quiver of creative tools to help you find clarity and create game-changing solutions. 

I’m always evolving, learning and developing new models to help leaders and groups be more effective as they grow and change. 

From my career as a writer, I bring the skills of inquiry, synthesis, distillation and narrative storytelling. And I have the perspective of someone who’s climbed 3,000-foot rock walls, been a teammate on serious mountain rescues, and built new magazines from the ground up—from initial strategy to shipping on deadline.

My methodology is also informed by design thinking, nonviolent communication, and a deep belief in the power of collaborative decision-making to create social and environmental impact.

inquire > reframe > transform >

Why Work with Me

You're a leader working in food systems, climate, finance, conservation, governance or equity — or at their intersection.
You need to problem-solve or create something new.
You need to build or hone a team.
You can handle the discomfort and excitement of thinking differently and making big changes.
You want to leverage your impact.

Ways to Work with Me

My method adapts to you. It’s dynamic when you’re on fire, grounding when you need support, and hyper-focused when it’s time to crank.

Leadership Coaching

This deep work is rooted in curiosity, accountability and empathy. Together, we’ll explore your strengths, uncover your hidden potential, and help you grow into the leader you want to be.


Dive deeper with an experience designed to unlock your full potential—where regular coaching sessions are just the beginning. Here, you have access to me for critical problem solving and mindset tuneups, as well as quarterly workshops for you and your team.


With me as your guide, you'll share perspectives, establish a culture of collaboration, and create shared language and decision-making tools. We'll dive into the messy middle and emerge with a strategy and plan to tackle your next steps with confidence.


"Emily asks deeply thought-provoking questions and helps me stay courageous with my goals and how I put myself out there. It’s so helpful to have her there to keep accessing that bravery and trust in myself to go for big things."

— Blair Hensen

Founder, Open Routes Counseling & Adventures

"Working with Emily has given me clarity on how to see and communicate this bank’s future. The strategy we created together has become our guiding light, helping us tell opportunities from distractions and energizing our culture. She remains a key partner for me to this day." 

— Tyler Erickson

VP of Development & Marketing, American Bank

"Emily helped our group of leaders think differently about a lightning-rod topic in our community. If we'd just shown up to talk, we would have gone in circles, and people would have gotten mad. Instead, thanks to her empowering guidance, we are now working together as a team."

— Sarah Blechta

Executive Director, Big Sky Resort Tax

"Emily gets powerful people in the room—CEOs, board members, directors and presidents—and she helps them get the most out of their valuable time." 

— Hannah Featherman

Communications Manager, National Forest Foundation

"The workshop with Emily brought out our best ideas, got rid of old assumptions that weren’t serving us, and helped us commit to what will guide us going forward."

— Casey Parks

Senior Manager of Brand Marketing, Big Sky Resort

"Emily’s workshop was transformational. She led a group of five stakeholders, representing multiple public and private organizations, toward a unified vision for success around a big, bold complicated idea. We left with a clear set of actionable deliverables, a timeline, and a new sense of optimism that our broad concept would soon become a reality."

— Alex MacKenzie

Associate, Homestake Ventures; Professor, Montana State University

Think we might work well together?