"The workshop was impactful and productive, which was surprising to me, given the speed and short time we had together."

Robin Kelson

Executive Director, AERO & Abundant Montana
Steering Committee member, Montana Food Matters

Inquiry-dRIVEN facilitation & Coaching

You know your business and market. You’ve got a feeling that with the right guide, you could be operating at a much higher level. You are the content expert. I’m a context expert. Together, we catalyze change. I can help you:

Clarify your vision, articulate your differentiators, and establish a clear competitive advantage. 

Create a strategic plan and build a team to help you make decisions in a changing market.

Activate your purpose, values and mission throughout your business or organization.

Gather information, assess risk, identify challenges and opportunities, and develop creative solutions.

Design, build, test and launch new systems, products, services and messaging that align with your customers and your brand.

Build a storytelling engine that energizes your marketing, strengthens your culture, and effects lasting change.

Leadership Coaching

We’ll start with a strategy workshop to visualize your challenges, risks and opportunities, explore your vision for the future, and establish your next moves.

Then, through ongoing sessions, we'll track your progress, adjusting when necessary.

As we go, we'll begin to learn more about how you think. How does your mindset influence your actions? When is it serving you? When is it less useful? Where are you stuck, and what's holding you back? How do these insights shift your sense of who are are and how you see the world?

Together, we'll use reflective inquiry to expand your perspective of what's possible.

This practice of seeing differently will support you as a whole human and set you up to go after your dreams.

Thinking Partnership

If we turn out to be great partners, we may decide to create an ongoing collaboration.

I provide an outside perspective to help you reframe the barriers and risks you’re facing into challenges and opportunities. 

We'll develop thinking tools that form the foundation on which you’ll build everything else, from your website to your products, pricing structure, culture and storytelling.

The through line of this ongoing work is growing your leadership capacity and skillset.

From the day-to-day to the big-picture, the mindset you bring to your challenges is the most powerful tool you'll find anywhere.

Group Facilitation & Team Retreats

Do you need to bring a group of disparate stakeholders together to collaborate, but you’re uneasy about the conversations ahead? 

Working on something big with your team, but not sure how to get there — or where you even want to go?

I’ll work with you to tailor a facilitated session, or series of sessions, that help your group move the needle together.

The resulting process is nonlinear, deeply collaborative and unlike any you’ve experienced. We’ll build trust, find common ground, reframe challenges, generate and prioritize solutions, craft messaging, and commit to a plan.

The results are nothing short of transformational.

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Think we might work well together?