Case Studies

"Now I have a clearer sense of my future self and I know how to get there. I don't feel intimidated anymore. The workshop was such a generative space that I had a hard time even thinking of my own roadblocks."

— Tallie Lancey

Big Sky Community Organization Board President
Big Sky Sotheby’s Broker

Strategy Workshop

Genevieve Walsh | CEO and Founder of Iqra Fund

As the founder of Iqra Fund, an organization based halfway around the world, Genevieve Walsh faces challenges daily. But she knew that telling Iqra Fund’s impact story didn’t have to be one.

In a three-day workshop, we developed an overarching organizational narrative distilling Iqra Fund’s work into clear, simple language.

The new concept touched every part of the org, from website and donor messaging to onboarding strategies for staff and board members. Even more valuable: It helped Genevieve see Iqra Fund’s future at a global scale.

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thinking Partnership

Tyler Erickson | Vice President of Development & Marketing at American Bank of Montana

Tyler Erickson juggles many responsibilities as VP of marketing and development for American Bank. An energetic leader, he likes to move fast—whether on skis or in business.

But in another of Tyler's roles—that of bank owner—he has to step back and think big picture.

As a long-term thinking partner, I help Tyler think differently about the bank and its future, and then help him design and create systems and programs to support his vision.

The goal is for this 75-year-old family business to continue authentically contributing to the future of the Montana communities it serves.

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Group Facilitation
& Team building

Big Sky Resort Tax Area District

In summer of 2023, 12 Big Sky community leaders met to revisit a fraught topic: whether Big Sky might incorporate as a municipality.

Not everyone saw eye-to-eye on incorporation, nor did the major stakeholders many were associated with.

I facilitated three intensive workshops for all stakeholders—the culmination of over five months of close partnership with the Big Sky Resort Tax leadership. As a result, the 12 community leaders decided to work together to develop and drive a rigorous, unconstrained incorporation study.

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