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Book recommendation: More by Majka Burhardt

April 1, 2023

Bravo to my brave friend Majka Burhardt for her groundbreaking new book, More.

Set at the crossroads of motherhood, career and cutting-edge climbing, it is a chronology of journal entries, audio journals and letters, written from the moment she found out she was pregnant, and before she knew she carried twins.

I found myself sneaking off to read More every time I had a moment, never knowing whether Majka’s no-holds-bar honesty would leave me laughing aloud or in tears.

Founder of the international nonprofit Legado, a Patagonia climbing ambassador, a working mountain guide, and a three-times published author, Majka is driven and incredibly accomplished.

This new book shows all of that and, well, more. In turns raw, bold, insightful, funny and fiercely loving, it is an important work that I hope will move the conversation forward about parenting, career, our individual and collective wellbeing, and the hidden ties between them all.

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