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"Even though so much has changed, the plan is still helpful."

October 23, 2023

I’m a loyal fan of Blue Bean Coffee Roasters, the small, Livingston-based roaster whose Black & Tan is my all-time favorite morning brew. Back in 2020, I also got to work with this family-owned business on a strategy growth—their way.

After I delivered the report that February (almost four years ago!), Blue Bean’s business lead, Kelly Ziebarth, began implementing the plan with gusto. But you know what happened next, of course: The world turned upside down, and everything changed.

Every time our bean subscription landed on the front stoop, I wondered if and how the ideas we began developing together had helped. We stayed in touch, loosely, but it never really made sense to ask, especially after the Yellowstone River flood lapped their doorstep.

Here’s what’s SO COOL. Kelly recently told me that our work led them to source new, more Earth-friendly bags.

“It's the most eco-friendly coffee packaging on the market," she said.

Plus, they continue using the roadmap today. "Even though so much has changed, it's still helpful," Kelly said.

Yes!!!! Go, Blue Bean, go!

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