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Learning and using visual facilitation

July 10, 2023

"People always tell me they don't know how to draw," said the instructor, Charles-Louis de Maere. "I have stopped believing them."

For four hours a day, for four days straight, starting at 6 a.m., I showed up to learn the basics of Bikablo visual facilitation.

Writing and asking questions have long been my main tools. As I do more workshopping and group facilitation, I need another way to show meaning, help people work through ideas, and tell stories.

And after 20 years of working on a computer, where only an editor and I saw my ideas until a story was published, I LOVE having a way to iterate and share in color and images.

I love that my work doesn't have to be perfect to communicate a concept. I love the tactile nature of drawing. It feels freeing.

The other two students, Oana and Miezaka, were from Sweden/Romania and Madagascar, respectively, while Charles-Louis, the instructor and a master facilitator, lives in Belgium. I also loved being part of an international cohort!

This new visual facilitation skill is already coming in handy. Some of the photos below are from our class practice, and others are for upcoming workshops.

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