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Moments of realization in my search for a creative space

April 4, 2024

As I search for an amazing creative space to hold group workshops, I find myself inspired most by windowed hallways. These are the austere, wending, in-between spaces that seem to hold so much and yet nothing all at once.

In light of something my friend Maddy Pope told me a few weeks ago, it makes sense.

"You're working in the fabric of things, the in-between," she said.

Maddy would know. Working extensively with public-private partnership when she worked as Director of National Outreach for the Trust For Public Lands, she was the driver behind creating the incredible Story Mill Park in Bozeman.

That webbed space between networks of people, wild creatures and places, levers of power, and our shared values is so compelling to me. There, you can let go of what you "know" to be true and create entirely new ideas.

As Priya Parker says in her seminal book, The Art of Gathering, actual physical spaces carry so much energy. They can make or break a collaboration.

Do you know of a space in Bozeman or Gallatin Valley I should check out? Send me a message!

Here's my daughter on the hunt with me, before I took her out for waffle fries and lemonade at the Kimpton Armory Hotel downtown.

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