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Podcast interview: Reframing Rural

July 5, 2022

“Every one of these farms is a business and a family and a community and an ecosystem. And it's so complex to look at all of those pieces, and it's so necessary. We're not just one giant industrial machine that produces food for the world.”

From part two of my interview alongside Jason Thompson on Megan Torgerson's podcast, Reframing Rural.

In these these episodes, Jason and I tell stories of our childhoods in Vermont (mine) and Washington (Jason) and describe the origins of our recent project together, a three part series focused on organic and regenerative agricultural in rural Montana.

We also got to share stories from some of the amazing people we worked with and learned from while creating it, among them organic farmer John Wicks, regenerative farmer Korey Fauque, Blackfeet cultural scientist Latrice Tatsey, and my old professor and an organic farmer herself, Courtney Lowery Cowgill, who inspired this project as much as a fateful conversation I had with the conservationist Kristine Tompkins.

Listening to our reflections on this project fires me up even more to continue contributing to more resilient food systems in support of communities and this amazing planet we call home.

Megan is an incredible writer, interviewer, thinker and connector, and she has had so many fascinating guests on her show before us. I hope you’ll check out her work!

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