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Presenting Light & Seed

February 13, 2024

When the end is actually the beginning.

I began working on the National Forest Foundation’s magazine with Hannah Featherman in 2019. My son, Gus, had just been born, and at the start, I worked during his nap time.

Working as co-editors, Hannah and I quickly found we had much in common, from our chaos pilot style of shepherding idea messes into cohesion, to our conviction about passing the mic to the broad community of people who are connected to the lands the NFF helps to support and steward, in partnership with the USFS.

After four issues together, having told stories with some phenomenal contributors, the magazine had evolved. We knew we were creating something new.

It was time to step back, determine what this story engine was really for, and how to best articulate and drive THAT. Together with the NFF leadership and board, including key support from NFF president Mary Mitsos, we articulated the magazine’s first strategy in a holistic and visual 24-page document.

It now existed to show that forests and grasslands are as vital to all communities as clean air and water.

If that was steps 0-3, then it was time for step 4: hire and train a new editor to replace me and bring this new publication to life.

I’m proud to present the first issue of Light & Seed, a reimagined, next-generation print magazine as a capstone to my publishing career. Yes, print—on recycled paper.

And even better, the magazine's incredible new editor, the brilliant Erin Vivid Riley, who came up with its beautiful new name. Mardi Fuller's stunning cover story and image tops it all off.

I can’t wait to see what the next issue holds.

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