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July 1, 2022

Last week I spent three days workshopping with Genevieve Walsh, the visionary cofounder and CEO of Iqra Fund.

Together we drilled down on the most pressing challenges Iqra Fund faces as the organization builds self-sustaining school systems in the remote reaches of northern tribal Pakistan. Then we designed and tested a series of exercises Genevieve will lead her team in Pakistan through this week.

The immediate goal is to empower the team to create a strategy for growth that best serves them and their constituents—students, teachers, parents, tribal elders and government partners. Long term, we’re laying groundwork to begin fulfilling Iqra’s new purpose, which we created last year to reposition it for impact at scale:

🌏 To invest in global resilience by educating girls in the world’s most underserved communities. 🌍

We unlocked so much last week, and on day three (when we met at Sky Oro!), my good friend the photographer Jason Thompson captured some of the magic.

Yesterday, Genevieve landed in Islamabad. Now, she’s headed to Skardu and the Hushe Valley, which is near the base of K2 and is Iqra’s main program area.

I’m beyond honored to work with this woman and this organization.

Lots more to come here 🍃🌱🌲

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