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From compost to climate, Amy Fonte is working for sustainability in Big Sky

September 4, 2023

Are you still wondering if there's really a business case for social and environmental impact? Read this piece I wrote about Amy Fonte.  

Fonte built Big Sky Resort's composting program, is greening its supply chains, works closely with industry partners on climate action, and was integral to developing a master plan for the resort's parent company, Boyne Resorts, to reach net zero by 2030.

She measures ALL of it. Spoiler: The data is in, and it's worth it.

And she's not just a spreadsheet guru.

A large part of Fonte's role entails working as an advocate internally at the resort, in her community, and on a larger stage.

“Corporations have so much power and influence," she said. "How do you use that to make a positive impact? So many people come to Big Sky to ski. If we can tap into their interest in skiing and the outdoors for greater sustainability, that’s what the whole world needs to do.”

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